About Ordination

  • No. We are not allowed to ordain anyone at Eiheiji. Please find a teacher who may ordain you in your country or in another temple in Japan.

  • You must find a teacher of Soto Zen Buddhism by yourself and ask him or her to ordain you. We do not introduce any masters.

About Practice

  • You don’t need any application for a one-day visit. However, if you want to participate the Zen Practice such as Sanzen Program or IZW (International Zen Workshop), you must submit the application form on this website.

  • Don’t worry. We have the program for beginners. If you are beginner in zazen, we recommend you Sanzen Program, rather than International Zen Workshop.

  • It doesn’t matter, as long as you have an accepting attitude.

  • No. We don’t accept a partial participation at all.

  • The IZW is not available for children of 18 years or under. However, the Sanzen Program is available for children of 13 years or older who are accompanied with parents. If your children are 12 years or under, please stay at Hakujukan.

  • Don’t worry. English-speaking priests will instruct you on how to do zazen.

  • We never use a chair in zazen. Also, it is not basically allowed to use it in the IZW program. In other programs, please let us know if you have any concerns about zazen.

  • It’s best to wear clean, comfortable, simple clothing. Avoid garments which are dirty or which are luxurious or expensive.

About Visit

  • No. You can visit here any day of the year except January 1st. However, those who want to practice zazen must make a reservation. See the Practice.

  • Yes. However, only visit as far as the Sammon area.

  • Yes, we do.

  • No. Cash only.

  • If you want to just have a quick look, it takes about one hour. Keep in mind though that Eiheiji, built on the slope of the mountain, has a lot of stairs, so it is good to plan for time to rest as well.

  • No. However, all the buildings are connected with the corridors, so you are safe from the rain at Eiheiji.

  • If you stay overnight here, you can do so. However, when you come here for a daytrip only, it is not possible.

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