About Ordination

  • No. We are not allowed to ordain anyone at Eiheiji. Please find a teacher who may ordain you in your country or in another temple in Japan.

  • You must find a teacher of Soto Zen Buddhism by yourself and ask him or her to ordain you. We do not introduce any masters.

About Practice

  • You don’t need any application for a one-day tour. However, if you want to participate the IZW (International Zen Workshop), you must apply for the program of one overnight stay or the program for beginners.

  • Don’t worry. We have the program for beginners.

  • It doesn’t matter, as long as you have an accepting attitude.

  • No. We don’t accept a partial participation at all.

  • Children are welcome to participate in the Sanro program. However, it isn’t possible for children to participate in the IZW program.

  • Don’t worry. English-speaking priests will instruct you on how to do zazen.

  • Yes, you can if you are going to participate in the Sanro program. However, it is not basically allowed to use it in other programs.

  • It’s best to wear clean, comfortable, simple clothing. Avoid garments which are dirty or which are luxurious or expensive.

About Visit

  • No. You can visit here any day of the year except January 1st. However, those who want to stay here overnight or want to experience zazen must make a reservation. See the Practice.

  • Yes. However, only visit as far as the Sammon area.

  • Yes, we do.

  • No. Cash only.

  • If you want to just have a quick look, it takes about one hour. Keep in mind though that Eiheiji, built on the slope of the mountain, has a lot of stairs, so it is good to plan for time to rest as well.

  • No. However, all the buildings are connected with the corridors, so you are safe from the rain at Eiheiji.

  • If you stay overnight here, you can do so. However, when you come here for a daytrip only, it is not possible.

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