International Zen Workshop

Three nights and four days



1. General Information

You are expected to follow the schedule and rules of the temple.
The workshop includes:

  • Eight to ten 40-minute periods of zazen per day (shikantaza, “single-minded sitting”).
  • Participation in morning service, including chanting, bows and further practices.
  • Work practice, including cleaning.
  • Lectures and dharma talks on the teaching of Zen Master Dōgen and Buddhism.
  • Formal meals, eaten in the traditional manner with special bowls (oryoki).
  • According to circumstances, further activities may be included as well.

2. Conditions for Participants

This program is for monks, nuns and laypeople who fulfill all of the following conditions.

  1. Participants must be able to communicate in English.
  2. Participants must have experience in sitting zazen daily.
  3. Participants must be able to sit zazen with the full- or half-lotus posture, with both knees in firm contact with the ground for an extended period of time.
  4. Participants must come with a respect for Zen Buddhism and for Japanese tradition and customs. This includes being able to sit in the traditional “seiza” kneeling position (note that it is possible to use a “zafu” cushion.)
  5. Participants must be able to present proof of a health insurance policy which is valid in Japan or travel insurance policy which covers medical expenses.

3. Application

To apply for the IZW , you must apply by submitting the application below at least two weeks in advance.
Even if a group of people would like to participate in the IZW program, each person should submit an application individually.
Once your reservation is confirmed, we will send a permission letter by Email, which you must bring when you arrive at Eiheiji.

4. Check-in time

12:00 to 13:00

Please be sure to check in between the above-mentioned times and show the permission letter and proof of health or travel insurance at the reception, otherwise we will not be able to receive you. Part time participation is not acceptable, and late arrival without advance notice will be regarded as a cancellation.

** If you are delayed, or if you are unable to participate, please notify us as soon as possible.

5. Fee (as donation)

20,000 yen per person to be paid in cash as donation when you arrive.

6. Cancellation / No Show Policy

If you must cancel, let us know at least one day before arrival. We make preparations for sharing our practice with you. Your cancellation without any notice in advance would disturb the monastic life. In an event of No Show, your application in the future may not be accepted.

International Department
Phone: 0776-63-3188
Fax: 0776-63-3631
Contact Form: URL is written in our reply mail after your application.

7. Capacity

  • 22 participants
    (May 20th-23rd, Nov 1st-4th)
  • 14 participants
    (Jun 26th-29th)

** If the number of applicants exceeds the capacity, further applications will not be accepted. Registration is subject to availability.

8. Clothing and Things to Bring

Please wear modest clothes suitable for religious practice. For zazen, loose-fitting clothes are preferable. You are also expected to bring socks (or white tabi), a towel and other toiletries (bath towel etc.). You will be lent, free of charge, a traditional Japanese lay-practice robe (hakama) for the duration of your stay.

9. Schedule (subject to change)

** The wake-up time differs depending on the season. The above information is for a stay during the summer.

10. Regulations

  1. Participants must participate in all activities, including the chanting of sutras and bowing.
  2. Consuming drugs or alcohol is forbidden.
  3. Any kind of sexual activities are forbidden.
  4. You are not allowed to go out during the workshop.
  5. All participants in this program will accommodate in communal rooms and use communal baths (men and women in separate facilities).
  6. The meals are the same as those served to monks in training, so the dishes are very simple, and the portions are modest.
  7. To help participants to remain concentrated during the retreat, unnecessary items like mobile phones, computers, cameras, food, drinks, cosmetics, accessories, wallets, purses and valuables are deposited in lockers for the duration of the workshop.
  8. Participants should plan on not contacting anyone outside the temple during the retreat, so please make travel arrangements etc. for the time after the retreat in advance.
  9. In any case, we will ask you to follow the rules prescribed by the Daihonzan Eiheiji.

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