One-Night Stay




1. General Information

You are expected to follow the schedule and the rules of the temple. Accommodation will be available only when this temple can provide rooms and an English interpreter.
This program includes:

  • Two 40-minute periods of zazen (shikantaza, “single-minded sitting”).
  • Participation in the morning service.
  • Watching a movie about Eiheiji.
  • A guided tour of the historical temple facilities.
  • Two meals of traditional temple cuisine.
  • According to circumstances, further activities may be included as well.

2. Conditions for Participants

Participants must come with a respect for Zen Buddhism and for Japanese tradition and customs.

3. Application

To apply for the One-Night “Sanro” program, you must apply by submitting the application below at least one month in advance. Please also specify alternate dates in case your first choice is not available.
If a group of people would like to stay, a single person should write the application, and send a complete list of the people in the group (names, sex, age).
Once your reservation is confirmed, we will send a permission letter by email, which you must present when you arrive at Eiheiji.

4. Check-in Time

14:00 to 15:00

Please be sure to check in between the above-mentioned times, otherwise we will not be able to receive you.

** If you are delayed, or if you are unable to participate, please notify us as soon as possible.

5. Dates Closed for the One-Night Sanro Program

1-3, 7, 26-27
1-7, 15
2-5, 20-21, 24
5, 15-17, 19,
6, 16-17, 24-25, 27-28
1-4, 6, 15,22
1-9, 27,31
and when there are special events.

6. Fee (as donation)

9,000 yen per person to be paid in cash as donation when you arrive.

7. Cancellation / No Show Policy

If you must cancel, let us know at least one day before arrival. We make preparations for sharing our practice with you. Your cancellation without any notice in advance would disturb the monastic life. In an event of No Show, your application in the future may not be accepted.

International Department
Phone: 0776-63-3188
Fax: 0776-63-3631
Contact Form: URL is written in our reply mail after your application.

8. Clothing and Things to Bring

Please wear modest clothes suitable for religious practice. For zazen, loose-fitting clothes are preferable. You are also expected to bring socks (or white tabi), a towel and other toiletries (bath towel etc.).

9. Schedule (subject to change)

** The wake-up time differs depending on the season. The above information is for a stay during the summer.

10. Regulations

  1. After your arrival, you are expected to follow the schedule and the rules of this temple.
  2. You are not allowed to go out during the stay.
  3. Smoking is prohibited except in the area specifically posted for smoking.
  4. Do not bring in any food and drinks from outside.
  5. Please respect the silence of the temple, to keep your own mind peaceful and out of respect for the practice of the others.
  6. Especially, please refrain from unnecessary chatting.

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