The redevelopment project in
front of EIHEIJI



A new hotel is open in front of EIHEIJI Temple

This new hotel marks a collaboration between the three parties of Daihonzan Eiheiji Temple, Fukui Prefecture and Eiheiji Town, as the implementation of one part of the “Redevelopment project in front of the Eiheiji temple” that will be built on the semi-sacred land in front of this temple famous as a place of Zen practice, and will be operated by Fujita Kano Inc..
Using Eiheiji Japanese cedar wood cut from the temple premises, a total of 18 Japanese and western-style rooms, as well as separate men’s and women’s baths will be built. and a restaurant supervised by the temple will offer Buddhist vegetarian cuisine. Born from the concept of creating “a facility combining the features of a traditional inn and a pilgrims’ stay”. It will be a hotel where guests can, through experiencing zazen (sitting Zen) at the temple, come to feel the heart of Zen.
The Zen has in recent years seen a surge in popularity among all age people both inside and outside of Japan, and people can enjoy the truly experience of Zen for themselves here in the wonderful supportive surroundings.
Please come and experience Zen culture and enjoy the unique atmosphere of this special temple so rich in history during your stay.

Details of Implementation

5-15 Shihi Eiheiji-cho Yoshida-gun Fukui-ken 910-1228, Japan
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